The pandemic has not only taken a toll in our mental and physical health, but in our economy as well. In many ways, our situation has forced us to adapt our brick and mortar set-up into virtual environments. However, not all industries were able to do this. In most cases, not many knew how.  

Fortunately the AECO industry has evolved continuously and rides the wave of technological advancement. The industry is now free from limited movements of a physical blueprint or 3D models that take weeks, months, or even years to build.  

Now that the world is embracing the “new normal”, the Multi-Disciplinary Institute of Technology, are helping professionals in adapting to these changes as well. The traditional methods of project management and its limited working scope, has opened new solutions that answers to two main problems of project management: time and precision.  

The solutions to these problems are the Building Information Modeling (BIM), Common Data Environment (CDE), and other emerging technologies that are now helping professionals in coping with the pandemic working style, but also elevating the industry’s project management capabilities.  

These solutions are opening more and more doors and opportunities in the advancement of the “built environment”. With the increasing number of experts coming in the scene of Digital Project Management, ESCA-MIT spearheads the development of training and membership programs that allows professionals to survive in the newly-established ways of Digital Project Management.  

ESCA Knowledge Academy is now offering Digital Project Management training with a wide range of training modules necessary for the in-demand skillsets in the current AECO industry. It involves an 80-hour intensive training course to equip project managers with tools that will help adapt to the demands of the New Normal. 

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